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How Window Film Works

Sunlight is basically made up of three elements:

  • Visible Light - the part which enables us to see.
  • Infrared Light - the part which we feel as heat.
  • Ultraviolet Light - we neither see nor feel it, but it is the main factor in causing fabrics and furniture to fade.

Total Solar Energy DiagramThe function of solar control window film is to handle each of these elements in a predetermined manner to provide homeowners and commercial users with customized features that encompass reflection and absorption of heat, control of light transmission, reduction of heat transfer through windows, and absorption of ultraviolet radiation.

All solar energy must either be reflected, absorbed or transferred.

Clear glass does not reflect much solar energy while window film, when applied to glass, reflects both visible light and infrared heat and rejects almost all harmful ultraviolet light.

Visible light and ultraviolet light are major factors which cause fading to floors, carpets, draperies and other furnishings to the home and workplace. The figure below shows a pie chart of factors which affect fading.

A broad range of window films (over 100) is available to meet the specific and varied needs of residential and commercial customers.

Facts about fadingAll these films perform the following functions:

    • Increase safety
    • Reduce solar heat gain
    • Cut glare
    • Reduce fading of interiors
    • Improve security
    • Provide privacy
    • Insulate
    • Improve building aesthetics
    • Create decorative glass
    • Protect surfaces from graffiti