How Window Film Works

Sunlight is basically made up of three elements:

Sunlight Diagram

The function of solar control window film is to handle each of these elements in a predetermined manner to provide homeowners and commercial users with customized features that encompass reflection and absorption of heat, control of light transmission, reduction of heat transfer through windows, and absorption of ultraviolet radiation.

All solar energy must either be reflected, absorbed or transferred.

Clear glass does not reflect much solar energy while window film, when applied to glass, reflects both visible light and infrared heat and rejects almost all harmful ultraviolet light.

Visible light and ultraviolet light are major factors which cause fading to floors, carpets, draperies and other furnishings to the home and workplace. The figure below shows a pie chart of factors which affect fading.

A broad range of window films ( over 100 ) is available to meet the specific and varied needs of residential and commercial customers.

Facts about Fading

All these films perform the following functions:

About The Manufacturer

Superior Window Tinting uses Llumar and Vista Window Film. These brands are manufactured by CPFilms Inc. which is based in Martinsville, Virginia. CPFilms is the largest producer of window film and window film components in the world.

The company has been manufacturing window film and window film components since the 1950's.

CPFilms is the only manufacturer that has the capability to perform all manufacturing processes required to produce a window film. The ability to produce dyed and ultraviolet absorbing base film, to vapor metallize, to sputter-coat metals, to adhesive laminate, to apply mounting adhesives and scratch resistant finishes, and also make their own silicon liner makes CPFilms unique. The exacting quality control through each in-house process surpasses that of all other manufacturers who must rely on components from many and varied sources. CPFilms is ISO 9001 certified by the British Standards Institution ( BSI ) ( Certificate #FM 35957 ).

Clearly, CPFilms is the tinting professionals' choice being the undisputed leader in the industry with its unmatched desire to produce the best film.

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