Frequently Asked Questions

1. What will window film do?

2. How is the window film applied? How is it installed? Can window film be removed later on? Is it easy or difficult to remove?

3. Do curtains and blinds have to be removed before installation?

4. How long will it last?

5. How long will it take to install the film?

6. Do the windows have to be washed?

7. Does film go on the inside or outside?

8. Can film go on any type of window, even double-pane?

9. Does window film have to be installed in hot weather? What if it is raining or humid?

10. I sometimes see bubbles or peeling on some window films. Will that happen and why does it do that?

11. Will the windows be darker or a different color with the film on?

12. Can I be seen at night from the outside, especially with indoor lights on?

13. How are the windows cleaned with the film on?

14. What happens if the film gets scratched?

15. Do you sell film only, and can I install it myself?

16. What will window film do if someone wants to break the glass or if there is an earthquake?

17. How much does it cost?

18. Will it void my warranty on my window?

19. Who gives the warranties?

20. If I sell my house, will the warranty be carried over the new owner?

21. How much is the energy savings from applying window films?

22. For commercial applications, can I get some sort of energy credit by installing window film?

23. Can you handle large installations, like an entire building or buildings?

24. Do you do skylights? Can they be filmed?

25. Do you do cars?

26. Are you bonded and insured?

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