Get an Estimate

We can give you a free estimate on how much it would cost to apply film to your windows. Please note that this is only an "estimate" and we will give you a price range depending on the type of film you eventually choose. We would have to physically visit your residence or office to give you an official quote.

Aside from your residential/business information, we would need the sizes of your windows as well as the quantity of each window. We would also need to know how accesible your windows are in order for us to determine if we need to bring special ladders or lift equipment to gain access to your windows.

If you have existing film in your windows which will be replaced, we need to add to the quote the cost of removal. There is a space below where you can indicate these conditions under "comments".

For odd-shaped windows, simply measure the longest width and the tallest height in inches.

Estimate Questionnaire

Width (ft.) Height (ft.) Quantity Film Removal

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